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Fenton Estates

Working with landowners to achieve the best value for their sites.

Commercial Property Development

We specialise in obtaining planning and building on land where past uses or historical contamination have prevented the land from being developed.


Are you a Landowner?

Do you have excess land you wish to dispose of, whether farm land, greenfield site or a portion of your garden?  If you do and you'd like to discuss your requirements in confidence, we'd love to hear from you!


Our Typical Process

  • Identify potential sites & validate ownership and any conditions on the land (covenant etc)

  • Work with the client to understand needs and expectations

  • Create a development scheme to fall within the planning regulations at Government and District levels

  • Value the site with proposed development taken into account

  • Devise an ‘Option to Buy’ agreement that meets both parties needs

  • Discuss the proposal with the local planning officer

  • Create architectural drawings and submit to the local authorities

  • Mediate with the planners and local residents to achieve planning consent

  • Purchase the site & commence build

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